Product Number A3013
Purity / Analysis Method >98.0%(GC)
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight C16H12O5 = 284.27 
Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid
Storage Temperature 0-10°C
Store Under Inert Gas Store under inert gas
Condition to Avoid Hygroscopic,Heat Sensitive
CAS RN 480-44-4
Reaxys Registry Number 277879
PubChem Substance ID 354334663
Merck Index (14) 13
MDL Number MFCD00016936


Appearance White to Yellow to Orange powder to crystal
Purity(GC) min. 98.0 %

Properties (reference)

Melting Point 269 °C
Maximum Absorption Wavelength 335(EtOH) nm